Principal’s Message


               Welcome to Vijayagiri Website and you are requested to make a virtual visit on the school campus. Your feedbacks are appreciated as we take all steps to improve in all areas of our operations.

Vijayagiri Public School; it is a progressive looking school which keeps trekking forward to reach the peak of Victory.

“By Education, I mean all round drawing of the best in child and man in body, mind and spirit”. This Gandhian philosophy with the objective to transform the individual and society guides us. Individualised attention, inclusive education and explorative teaching design help our pupils to make their academic pursuit easy. Meticulously planned psycho-social programme and psychomotor activities in the school come in aid to draw out the best in the students entrusted to Vijayagiri School.

The school management, parents, and staff work towards the single goal of holistic developments of our students

I enjoy celebrating success of our students in exams and in competitions. I acknowledge the hard work of the staff, students and parent community.


With regards

N M George